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Online casinos have become popular in Asia over the last few years. Its gambling is vibrant and expanding at a fast pace. For instance, Macau alone accounted for an estimated gambling revenue of more than $28 billion in 2015.

In the past, Asian casino players had to travel to other countries like the United States to enjoy their favorite casino games. However, online casinos have bridged the gap by providing gambling services. Although most online casino games are popular worldwide, some are more popular among Asian players. 

If you live in Asia, find the best online casinos Asia. Then pick one of the following games to play for real money. While the goal is to have fun, you can also win money through luck or by following proper strategies.


Baccarat is one of the most popular games in traditional land-based casinos and online gaming platforms in Asia. Although it has a significantly higher roller stigma in the United States, it has not transferred to the Asian market. 

Asians fell in love with baccarat since it isn’t a way to ensure consistent wins. It is a game of chance and strategy, and most Asians genuinely believe in fate. This has been one of the most attractive aspects of baccarat among Asian players. Baccarat is not the game for you if you are looking for a gem with specific winning odds. 

Baccarat is an easy game and one of the simplest to learn. Whether in playing or betting, strategy is crucial in all casino games. Your chances of leaving a casino empty-handed are high if you don’t have a plan. However, no baccarat strategy can beat the house edge. 

Different rules apply to baccarat depending on the type of game you are playing. The casino’s regulations for big tables are slightly different from those for mini or midi tables. For instance, big table baccarat lacks a set dealer position; instead, it is revolved around the table for all players. 


You might be familiar with mahjong from its non-gambling version that is popular in the US. However, it takes on a different form as a popular table game available on most online platforms in Asia. 

In contrast to most games, mahjong is played using dominoes as opposed to cards. You are obliged to place your bet before any cards are dealt. After every player has placed their wager, the dice are rolled to select the dealer. 

Asians Bet

Depending on the tiles you are dealt with, you can place a bet after each round. To kick off the game, all the tiles (136) used are laid face down and thoroughly mixed. The dealer will then assign 13 tiles to each player. The next step is turning the tiles face up, building a wall with them, and starting to pair them into sets of threes and fours. 

The game progresses as each player collects an extra tile from the wall. When you can complete a winning hand using a tile collected from the wall, you keep the tile and announce ‘Mahjong.’ If you can’t earn with a tile, you place it face up at the table’s center. The rules require that you have only 13 tiles on your board at any instance during the game. 

One of the main reasons this game is top-rated in Asia is because it was developed thanks to Asian culture. It demands attentiveness and quick decision-making. 


This game combines the elements of pinball and a slot machine. Originally from Japan, pachinko uses small metallic balls inside when playing it. However, the game has undergone numerous transformations over the years. It has evolved from being entirely manual to modern digital versions.

Although the game is not popular globally, it enjoys a massive fan base across Asia. It consists of a horizontal board with holes for the metal ball. In the past, adult players were rewarded with tobacco, soap, or soup when they landed a ball in one of the holes. Children, on the other hand, got sweets. 

When playing the modern vertical version of the game, you aim to shoot small balls, hoping they fall into one of the pockets on the board. The ball sets off the slot machine aspect of pachinko when it lands in a pocket. 

Setting off the slot machine element triggers the reel’s spin. You find out whether you have won or not when the reels stop spinning. Your prize can be anything from free spins to real money. In most cases, the ball goes straight through without landing in a hole. This means that you have lost the round. But you can always try again. 

The luck aspect of pachinko attracts Asian players in droves. 

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a relatively new game in the gambling scene. Invented in 1985 by Sam Torosian, it is a simpler version of the game of Pusoy. Although it resembles Pai Gow, it is played using poker cards instead of Chinese dominos. 

The game’s objective is to create two poker hands from the seven cards you are initially dealt with. These two hands should be made up of a two-card and five-card poker that is better than the dealer’s hand. Also, your five-card hand should beat the two-card hand to qualify for a win. 

The cards are mixed before being dealt in seven piles comprising seven cards, each facing down. Wagering positions are then assigned, beginning with the banker and then progressively anti-clockwise around the table. Unused cards are placed at the table’s center. 

You place your wager as the wagering positions rotate around the table. If a player is missing from a spot, the cards are dealt to the spot and moved to the middle of the table alongside the unused cards. 

After all the wagers have been placed, the dealer will ask if any players want to bet anymore before playing the dragon hand. You win when both your hands beat the dealer’s hands. The banker will get the win if there is a tie. Also, you will be penalized if your two cards hand is better than your five-hand card.

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