Find Ultra-relaxed Styles For Casual Days Off With These Joggers

These Joggers provide ultra-casual designs for casual days off.

Relaxation is a gift that many of us forget to give ourselves. More so in today’s fast-paced competitive work life, where any amount of work is not enough. So making the most of whatever time we can get off of work in the best possible ways is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

Many of us lament having too little time to indulge and pursue all the activities we like on an off day from work. Even if we manage to chalk in multiple activities in a day, much of our time is wasted in changing our attire to dress appropriately as per the activity or outing. Joggers for men have been the universal choice of attire to lounge around and spend our holiday in or relax when at home. The sector for leisure clothes has evolved rapidly, adjusting and innovating as per the customers’ changing needs. In this vein, the anytime universally smart jogger has been an extremely smart addition to the family of joggers.

The old concept of joggers being a mere fancy name for sweat pants or slob wear has become extinct. The joggers now are smart, trendy and as comfortable to relax in as their predecessors – the sweat pants.

  1. The Drawstring Joggers: The traditional sweatpants are redefined by taking the basic concept and converting it into a trendier garment with a drawstring waist, a crush-proof fabric, and absorbent quick-drying fabric that soaks in the sweat during exercise or active activities and dries up quickly. The sturdy stitching makes the Flying machine jogger a reliable must-have in your wardrobe.
  1. Taping Joggers: Joggers that can easily double up as casual wear when worn with a smart polo t-shirt and slip-on moccasins on the feet. The contrasting stripe running down the outer seam looks smart, giving the jogger a look like a casual pair of trendy trousers. Wear them for your game of tennis and casually saunter into a café for refreshments with your pals without looking or feeling out of place. The side stripes or tapes are knitted in and appliqued on the jogger.

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  1. Elasticised hem or heathered joggers: Specific activities tend to pull up the joggers while participating in them. For instance, cycling or a round on the parallel bars. The riding up of the joggers can get embarrassing, taking away from the entire concept of relaxing and making it a tad stressful due to the discomfort. The heathered hems of the jogger help you avoid such incidents.
  1. Slim Fit Track Pants: Joggers are styled like a trouser with straight-legged narrow cuts in solid colour. The narrow openings and legs are ideal for the athletes and those who enjoy jogging and cycling, as there are no chances of the fabric of the jogger causing a hindrance or sliding down the waist causing you to trip or fall. The US Polo slim fits are the best fit for this style. Moreover, you can also team it with a casual shirt for a lazy brunch or lunch with the family.
  1. Patterned Joggers: Ed Hardy has tapped the right pulse by coming with the patterned joggers, which can easily be mistaken as pants worn with a fitted shirt or tee. The logo pattern is embroidered strategically on the upper front. Trendy and comfortable on your holiday is the best way to be.
  1. Cotton Lounge Pants: A creative take on your usual lounge pants, the loose-fitting, stylishly cut cotton pants are a sophisticated take on traditional pyjamas. The madras check lounge pants in attractive colours are a suave touch to a man lounging around. Smart enough to step out on an errand, a stroll, and easy enough to simply loll around in front of the television playing video games or catching up on Netflix.
  1. Heathered Fleece joggers: These are one pair of joggers you will let go off or take off grudgingly. The soft comfort and the solid construction that has the durability to take lengthy vigorous exercise and still stand up tall makes these joggers a must-have in your wardrobe.

All joggers are now in both knitted and woven material with minimal decorative detailing. The styles follow the taste of the metrosexual man, whose personal style makes all prints and designs look sassy. Yes, even the designs which were earlier considered to be girlish.

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