5 Things to Consider When Buying Preserved Flowers in Singapore

Preserved flowers are a popular gift in Singapore and many other countries around the world, as they’re not only incredibly beautiful but long-lasting and can last up to several years! If you’re thinking of buying preserved flowers as gifts or to spruce up your home décor, here are five things to consider before you purchase them in Singapore.

1: Type of preserved flower

There are different types of preserved flowers, such as roses, orchids, lilies, and many more. All of them come with different characteristics, so make sure you choose one that suits your needs. The right choice could make all the difference when it comes to how they will look on display and for other aesthetic purposes. Therefore, don’t be afraid to visit to learn more about them or ask for advice from a professional florist. They know what works best for certain occasions and locations. Also, remember that not all preserved flowers last forever. Some may only last up to a year, while others can last up to three years, depending on their type and quality of preservation process used by the florist. So if you want something long-lasting, make sure you choose a high-quality product from a reputable florist.

2: Location for display

Most preserved flowers that are available for purchase are preserved in different ways, with some being preserved and allowed to dry, while others are petrified and set upright. This can alter their appearance and make them unsuitable for some locations. It is important to ensure that they will fit into your chosen display area before purchasing any preserved flowers in Singapore. If you are looking for preserved flowers in Singapore, it is best to first look at how you intend on displaying them as well as what type of preserved flower you want.

3: Length of preservation

If you’re looking for a long-lasting bouquet, choose preserved flowers that have been preserved with silica gel or resin. This will help keep them fresh and vibrant for years, allowing you to enjoy them year after year. Look for preservation methods that are approved by reputable organizations and do not use harmful chemicals.

Buying Preserved Flowers in Singapore

4: Size of containers

Another thing to consider when buying preserved flowers is obviously their size. There are many different shapes and sizes of preserved flowers on offer, so you should first look at your space and decide what will fit best. If you’re looking for a lot of colors, get some largely preserved flower arrangements, but if you just want a small number of flowers and/or don’t have much room on your desk or shelf, smaller arrangements might be preferable.

5: Storage conditions

The storage condition plays a major role in determining how long preserved flowers can last. For example, if you’re buying preserved roses from a shop that keeps them on display at room temperature, they will only last a few days before wilting. If you buy preserved roses from a shop that keeps them refrigerated, they could last for weeks or even months.


In essence, these are the top things you should consider when buying preserved flowers in Singapore. If you’re planning a wedding or any other event that requires preserved flowers, make sure to put these tips into practice and ensure that your flowers last as long as possible.

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