Norstrat The Definitive Guide

History of Norstrat

NORSTRAT Consulting Inc. has been created for the explicit motive of assisting customers with a duty or a commercial enterprise intention to put in force additives of Canada’s Northern Strategy.

NORSTRAT Consulting is owned and operated through Lee Carson. Mr. Carson is a reputable lengthy-time member of Canada’s aerospace and defence network with a life-lengthy ardour for all matters polar.

NORSTRAT Consulting believes that the Northern Strategy represents Canada’s maximum important, tough and thrilling application possibility of the twenty first century. We’d like that will help you play your part.

  • Procurement track record
  • Arctic and Maritime Domain Awareness 
  •  Arctic Lifelong passion for all things 

Norstrat consulting

What is  Norstrat

Public relations, political affairs and promotional strategies are at the heart of Norstrat’s global advisory services. The company’s goal is to help those with a business duty or purpose put together the necessary elements of Canada’s Northern Strategy by giving and resources training.

Objectives of Norstrat
Norstrat offers the subsequent services:

  1. company Image
  2. Promotional Support
  3. Access to the safety groups at NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated
  4. Providing our Strategic Partners with packaging Exposure
  5. Student Interns from Canada’s best military and enforcement establishments
  6. Inclusion all told Norstrat selling products, adore business cards, brochures, and letterhead, among alternative things.
  7. staff will wear official NORSTRAT shirts and polos
  8. Access to NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated security teams
  9. a definite identity within the Northern Strategy Community that you just could use to push your company or group.

services provided by Norstrat 

  • NORSTRAT Consulting Services offers expert advice and support tailored to the client’s needs
  • Provide strategic advice on the North Strategy campaign plan
  • Provide subject matter expertise
  • Answer the key question on how the North Strategy can be built Provide support for the definition of  the project Recommend to the firm
  • Definition of operational requirements
  • Definition of operational needs procurement strategy
  • Ensure the acquisition and  management of support offers

Norstrat mission

In 1885, the people pictured here completed a courageous and ambitious federal infrastructure project that united the young nation of Canada from east to west. Now is the time to unite our country from south to north. This time the solution will not be a railroad. but a full set of infrastructure projects essential to the development and protection of the North. The mission of NORSTRAT Consulting is to put our customers in the following picture.

Norstrat all about

Canada’s Northern Strategy

Canada is a big unfinished project. It is up to us, along with all Canadians, to build the country we want. Canada’s north  is changing and opening up rapidly due to climate change combined with growing global demand for natural products. business and development create enormous opportunities for residents and businesses of the North, but also for all of Canada and for Canadians who derive their wealth from Canada’s wealth of resources.

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Norstrat Partners

The Northern Strategy is extremely diverse and multidisciplinary, each mission is different and tailored to your needs. NORSRAT advises teams with other subject matter experts and leading companies to meet your individual needs.

 Norstrat Infrastructure Projects

  • Navigation Charting
  • Geological Exploration Mapping
  • Topographic Mapping
  • North Warning System
  • Radarsat Constellation Mission
  • Underwater Surveillance System
  • Polar Communications and Weather Satellite
  • Beaufort Regional Environmental Assessment
  • Canadian High Arctic Research Station
  • Expanded Rangers
  • Canadian Polar Icebreaker
  • Canadian Airborne Maritime Surveillance System
  • Polar Continental Shelf Project
  • Nanisivik
  • Polar Communications and Weather Satellite
  • Maritime Security Operations Centre North
  • Space-based AIS
  • Fixed Wing Search and Rescue
  • Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship

Norstrat  Experience

  • Subject Matter Expertise

  • Project Definition Experience

  • Northern System Development Experience

  • Major Capital Project Experience

  • Business Development Experience

Industry worked for 

  • Aeronautics
  • Aerospace & Defence Industry Association of Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Airbus Defence and Space
  • Aker Solutions
  • AlphaSights
  • Astrium SAS
  • Babcock (via H+K)
  • Calian (via H+K)
  • Canadian Light Source (via H+K)
  • Cassidian
  • Deloitte
  • General Dynamics Canada
  • Hill+Knowlton Canada
  • Kraken Sonar Systems
  • L-3 MariPro
  • L-3 MAS (via H+K)
  • L-3 Ocean Systems
  • MacDonald Dettwiler
  • Northrop Grumman (via H+K)
  • Northwestel (via H+K)
  • Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Raytheon Canada Support Services
  • Saab Technologies Canada (via H+K)
  • SK Films (via H+K)
  • Ultra Electronics Marine Systems


  • Aerospace Review
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • Canadian Space Agency (via Deloitte)

Frequently asked questions

What exactly does NORSTRATs do?

NORSTRAT’s mission is to help people with a corporate responsibility or objective to build the necessary northern infrastructure, to build elements of the Northern Strategy for Canada. We do this by sharing our vast experience on the subject and devoting our efforts to the success of our clients.

What kind of infrastructure are you talking about?

NORSRAT focuses on major infrastructure projects and initiatives funded by the Canadian federal government. Satellites, transport infrastructure, defense systems, telecommunications and  initiatives and investments in social infrastructure, including housing, among others.

How can NORSTRAT help me?

Essentially, guiding the client through the government’s northern strategy and determining where the opportunities lie,  helping the client identify and access key stakeholders, share domain knowledge on the unique issues and opportunities associated with the infrastructure development in northern Canada, and provide proven expertise in the supply, allocation and / or management of northern infrastructure development projects. However, the help is defined by the recipient, so NORSTRAT will always offer a support package tailored to the specific needs of each client. We are looking forward to help you

Where are you located?

NORSTRAT’s head office is located in Ottawa and is one of  many federal departments and agencies  with powers and responsibilities in the North. We are also very close to the head office of Inuit Tapirit Kanatami (ITK), the national agency that protects the rights and interests of Inuit  in Canada.


What is NORSTRAT Consulting’s official website?

NORSTRAT Consulting’s official website is


What is NORSTRAT Consulting’s Revenue?

NORSTRAT Consulting’s revenue is <$5 Million


What is NORSTRAT Consulting’s SIC code?

NORSTRAT Consulting’s SIC: 87,874


How many employees are working in NORSTRAT Consulting?

NORSTRAT Consulting has <25 employees


What is NORSTRAT Consulting’s NAICS code?

NORSTRAT Consulting’s NAICS: 541,5416

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