MAGENTO: 5 trends for the year 2022

In order for a business to take the first position in the market, it needs to keep up with the times, so creating your own website is a great option today. A high-quality online store has many advantages over physical stores. You can use a huge number of features that will not only increase sales, but also speed up development. There are several well-known and top e-commerce platforms, but today we will focus on Magento. This tool is the most popular and in demand among the rest, as it has the most favorable and convenient terms of use. Moreover, it easily adapts to new conditions, which in the modern world are changing at the speed of light.

It is important for any developer to follow the trends in order to create the right product for the client, so today we will look at the main Magento development trends. This will greatly facilitate the work on the site and with clients, and will also help you overtake competitors.

  • Social Commerce
  • AR/VR
  • AI & Chatbots
  • Magento PWA
  • Voice Search

Social Networking Commerce

Let’s be honest, social networks are not just called networks. In social networks, it is really easier and faster to find buyers, due to the functions of promotion, reposts, likes and saves. That is why it is worth paying attention to this type of marketing, since social networks have a huge promotional power. Advertising can be bought not only from platforms, but also from trusted well-known bloggers who already have a large audience and potential customers.

It is also worth noting that your site can have links to your social networks and vice versa, this will significantly improve promotion analytics, and potential buyers will be able to see your products more often.

Magento is useful because it allows you to easily integrate social platforms into your online store, so you don’t have to think about this issue separately.

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AR and VR

Augmented and virtual reality are modern tools that help the buyer to better understand a particular product and make a decision and purchase faster. Usage of AR and VR significantly affects the level of sales and trust, as the client immediately has the opportunity to see how the product can be integrated into real life. Of course, it all depends on the specific product that the business offers, but a good web developer will be able to make a suitable option for any product. Custom magento development by Dinarys has such skills. Furthermore, this company can find a perfect solution for your requests. 

AI in Chatbots

Large online-stores have numerous customers who all need quality service. Therefore, a trend like chatbots has become very popular, because it literally saves the business. Moreover, after the introduction of AI, such bots work extremely efficiently and provide customers with the highest quality service. This trend will be relevant for a long time to come, as AI technology continues to develop.


Progressive Web Application is a technology that infuses websites with interactive elements that create a more enjoyable user experience. In addition, this tool optimizes your sites for any device and browser, which allows you to use your site anywhere. With Magento, you will have the ability to customize your PWA, which will result in a more accessible site management experience. If you are interested in optimization and visuals of your site, then you should be aware of Magento web design services

Both children and adults often use voice dialing, as it is much faster and easier. With the help of voice assistants today it is really possible to get answers to many questions, which is why this is the trend of Magento 2022. Moreover, in the near future, half of the users will use voice dialing, so by paying attention to this today, you will gain advantages over competitors tomorrow.

Closing words

With access to Magento’s features, you can create a completely unique website that will intrigue new customers. With the help of this article, you will be able to follow the main trends of this year, which will help you beat the competition. The flexibility of this e-commerce platform will ensure you get the most positive customer feedback in the future.

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