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Development of web applications in Java: what should be considered when choosing an outsourcing contractor?

Development of web applications in Java

Outsourcing, as a format for remote collaboration, gained true popularity in the mid-2000s. Then the first prototypes of social networks began to appear. In the US, where social platforms were in need of a large number of IT staff, the market simply could not cover the needs. As a result, companies adopted a simple and effective technique. This is hiring a team on the side in a remote collaboration format.

With all the shortcomings, the outsourcing format has fully justified itself. First of all, the external team needs to be paid only on the fact of the work performed and not incur costs for any possible downtime. They may arise due to management miscalculations and changes in competitive conditions or other objective circumstances. As a result, the customer remains the winner, who saves the budget. And a performer who can choose the project that is optimal in terms of complexity. Thanks to this, professional web development company firmly takes its place in the niche.

Why Java?

Java has been on the market for over 20 years and remains at the forefront as a programming language. In general, before starting development, the choice of a programming language is one of the highest priorities. No entrepreneur wants to associate their project with outdated or low-quality technology. That is why outsourced teams of specialists immediately prescribe possible programming languages ​​in which the project can be completed. In fact, the language is part of the team’s specialization.

Java remains the most popular programming language in the world today. More than 30% of developers still trust their products to this technology. In addition to a vast community and communities, Java allows you to implement concise, dynamic and modern web and mobile applications. They are the main trend today.

Java boasts better versatility. The syntax of the language is supported by all known platforms without exception. The ability to process scripts from Java is built into every browser by default, otherwise the client simply will not be able to use dynamic and interactive fragments.

What skills should a Java developer have?

Java programmers work on software solutions and, in addition to the language itself, must navigate the basic technologies:

• HTML5. Language for layout and markup of page content and site structure.

• CSS (style sheet). Cascading style system to automatically change the appearance of the site: text, indents, tables, highlights and more.

• Knowledge of frameworks. AngularJS, React, Vue.js and many other solutions allow you to simplify routine work, automate your workflow and increase efficiency.

• Experience with repositories.

• Skills of working with modular editors.

Collaboration with a freelance team requires high-quality communications, a clearly formulated business task and a transparent motivation system. Learn more about it here: https://devoxsoftware.com/services/business-intelligence-services/.

Freelance team

Western rates for programmers are many times higher than requests from the CIS countries. Therefore, companies with a limited budget willingly hire performers from the countries of the former Soviet camp. For the fee that a local staff member will request, you can hire several outsourced performers.

Today there are a huge number of exchanges and sites where you can get acquainted and order complex services for developing applications in Java. If there is a shortage of personnel in other languages, then there will always be executors for a project in Java.

In addition to a profile portfolio, the team must be involved in the process and have a positive experience. Also important will be the involvement of the performer in the process and interest in the presented product niche.

When it comes to complex software that requires highly specialized skills and knowledge, it is easier and cheaper to hire a professional team that can guarantee a positive result. Perhaps a full-time employee is better in terms of long-term investment, because he will always be in the public eye. At the same time, the outsourcing team practices an integrated approach and is ready to solve problems as they arise.

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