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Practical Tips on Increasing Conversion Rates

Ecommerce has increased over the past few years, with some businesses operating fully online and others partially. Whatever the case, one challenge that most of them face is converting viewers or visitors into paying customers.

Conversion rates determine businesses’ traffic and affect their revenues and profits. Some of the things that businesses can do to increase their conversion rates include:

Create an email list

Create an email list

While email marketing campaigns seem outdated, they are among the best and most effective ways businesses can reach their customers. Businesses can collect their prospective clients’ email addresses from their websites and create an email list through which they send ads and promotional messages directly to their clients.

According to Maropost, the best way to ensure that the right message reaches the right customers is by segmenting the email list. Different customers have different needs, and businesses need to know what messages to send different clients to maximize conversion.

They can segment the list according to gender, age, how clients interact with the business, and shopping habits.

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Have a landing page

landing page

A landing page is different from a business’ homepage. Landing pages are created with the sole purpose of marketing and advertising.

When creating a landing page, businesses should use captivating language, images, videos, and descriptions of their services and products. They can also include how to use the products or services and the benefits. The key is to keep it short and straight to the point.

Have a good call to action

call to action

Call to action prompts clients to contact you via email or phone. Businesses can include a call to action on their home pages or landing pages. They should ensure it is captivating by adding statements like ‘contact us to get a free quote or 40% discount.’

Have social proof

Every business says they are the best and have the best personnel, products, or services. However, clients believe it more when they hear other people saying the same thing. This is why businesses should focus on having testimonials on their pages.

To get testimonials, businesses should approach their previous clients and ask them things like:

  • What made them buy the products or services.
  • What problems they helped them solve.
  • Additional advantages or benefits they experienced when and after using the product or service.
  • Whether and why they would recommend the services or products to other people.

Businesses can also look for celebrities or public figures to use their products and services and then give their experience and feedback to their followers.

Have a good website design

good website design

Sometimes clients will exit a website as soon as they log in because of how it looks and its usability. Business people should design and organize their websites such that it is easy for clients to find what they are looking for. It should also be engaging with graphics and captivating content to keep the clients browsing for longer.

Create blogs

Blogs are the best way for new clients to find businesses online. The blogs could have content explaining why clients need the services or products the business provides or more information about the products and services.

However, business people should focus on SEO optimization and use the right keywords to ensure their blogs are at the top of search results.

Converting visitors into paying customers is not the easiest thing, but following the above tips will help increase businesses’ conversion rates. Business people should also ensure they interact with clients on other social media platforms, respond to questions and concerns, and work on clients’ feedback.

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