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Carport Design Ideas

Are you planning to build a carport? Or you are planning to hire a professional team to build a carport for you? Whatever be your case, you must be well aware of the designs and necessary details.

Carports Melbourne become a necessity once you buy a car. It is because the weather and the sun in Melbourne might cause a lot of damage to your prized possession. So, it is a great idea to get a carport installed in your house.

Famous Carport Design Ideas:

There are many design ideas available on sites like Pinterest, but all designs have a base structure or design. And if you are aware of the base design, you can quickly think of some customisable ideas.

So, here is the list of primary and most famous carport design structures, have a look-

Lean-to designs:

This carport design is one of the most cost-effective options available. It requires a wall to which the structure can be mounted. So, you can pick the wall at your convenience, communicate any specific requirements, and the contractor can start working soon.


Since they’re not attached to a supporting wall, free-standing carports are more flexible. However, because they require more pillars, they are more expensive and hence not the most cost-effective solution.

Additionally, it is not a good option for people with small outdoor house space.


A cantilever structure is supported from only one side and requires no further support. This implies the area is more open because there are no posts. Hence, it is one of the smartest, space-friendly and aesthetic design options.

However, you must be extra careful in this case, and it is best to take advice from a professional.

Carport with storage shed:

It is one of the cleverest ways of using space smartly. This design option will provide additional storage space while also acting as a support structure for the carport. 

Pergola Carport:

You can convert your existing pergola into a dedicated carport. Fix the logs in the ground at the proper distance while making one and allow ample room for vehicles to pass through.

Things to Consider While Buying a Carport:

Now that you have so many design ideas handy, it is time to discuss the factors you must consider before investing in a carport.

Here is a list of some essential factors, have a look-

Wind and Snow Resistance:

If your region is prone to heavy winds and snowfall, you must ask the contractor about the structure’s resistance. Ask questions until you feel satisfied with their answer because a carport is indeed a significant investment.


The material plays a vital role in determining the stability and durability of the structure. So, make sure to ask about the materials used and research yourself as well. It is always a good idea to be cautious and informed. 

Hailstone Resistance:

Although hailstone storms are uncommon, they can damage significantly, so make sure the carport you’re selecting is hail resistant. Since hailstones are most likely to damage the roof, use a roofing material with excellent impact resistance, such as polycarbonate.

Downpipes and Guttering:

The carports with drain pipes will direct water in a specified direction and ensure that your carport’s roof remains clean. So, ensure to buy a carport in Melbourne that has proper drainage and guttering systems installed.

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Most contractors provide a guarantee or warranty for their service and structure. It can be half-yearly, yearly, or maybe for more years. So, make sure to confirm the same with the dealer.

Summing It Up.

Carports Melbourne can enhance the look and feel of your house. So, make sure to choose the best design and now that you have some excellent designs and tips at hand, contact a contractor today.

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