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How To Buy Real YouTube Views

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Buy YouTube views is an effective tool for promoting a channel based on the mechanism of attracting potential subscribers. In other words, a large number of views creates a demand effect – users see that your video is often viewed, so they watch it too.

Why do you need YouTube views

Buying views on YouTube today is very easy but first you need a good understanding of the mechanism of action. After all, if you do not know why you need this item, can you use it effectively?

Although the answer is really very simple. Views promotion allows you to attract users who could potentially become your subscribers. If we consider the question in more detail, it works like:

  • You have a new channel, you regularly release quality videos, but the YouTube views grow slowly and the number of subscribers is even slower. And this is because there are hundreds of videos on YouTube every day on your topic, and it’s a big problem to stand out among them.
  • The principle of “social proof” can be activated. This is a psychological principle according to which a person always chooses what is more popular. Well, you yourself are more likely to watch a video with 10,000 views than a video with only a couple of hundred views.
  • Buy real YouTube views means that you will be able to get away from the competition and attract the attention of users. Next, the content comes into play, if it is interesting and original, a potential subscriber becomes a real subscriber.

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How to choose SMM panel

An important question on which SMM panel to order the purchase of YouTube views. Dozens of sites offer promotion services and each claims to be the best. Let’s pay attention to the details that will help in the choice:

  • The most obvious metric is the ratio of price to quality of service. Too cheap YouTube views are most likely bots. The normal average price is $1-5 per 1000 views. Compare prices on several sites and choose the best option.
  • The volume and variety of services. It is always better to choose in favor of services that can order not only views but also YouTube likes, subscribers and comments. Because all aspects are important for successful promotion.
  • Reviews. Do not be lazy to find a panel in the search engine and read the reviews. But be careful and consider not only the number of positive and negative reviews, but their content.
  • Support team. A responsive live chat support service that answers you at any time of day no matter what time zone you are in is an important feature. You may have a question or need help and it should be resolved quickly.
  • Money back guarantee. This is a key advantage! If you buy the service and all your YouTube views drop, you will get a refund. If the SMM panel guarantees this, you can start a partnership.

Best sites to buy YouTube views


The #1 site to order promotion channels on YouTube. Here is a very large variety of services: buy YouTube views, likes, comments, viewers for online streaming, and even watch time.

As soon as you become a Viewsta customer, you get a personal manager. Free consultations and online chat support are available for you 24/7.

Viewsta has an awesome YouTube channel where a team of professional marketers talks about promotion and the latest trends in the digital industry.

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This is a reliable SMM panel for boosting your channel. On Views.Biz you can buy real YouTube views cheap. Here the views are of very high quality, there is also a geo-targeting service that allows you to get viewers from the selected country, i.e. the audience will be relevant.

In addition to views, pay attention to the likes, comments and top YouTube Turnkey channel service (comprehensive promotion of the channel including development of thumbnails, SEO, writing texts and scripts and other services).


Proven and effective site to make your videos go viral on YouTube. On this site you can buy YouTube views Adwords, the official service of Google. This is a powerful tool to attract a live, relevant audience.

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Choose any of three platforms and be sure these are the best ones!

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