British airways first class sale

British Airways fare sale fundamentals

This deal is remarkable in many ways:

Last-minute travel dominates.

It’s a companion deal, so you must go with someone.
It’s for trips departing from London, which is wonderful since prices out of London are sometimes exorbitant (also keep in mind that fares out of London are subjected to the high UK Air Passenger Duty, so the fact that these low fares include that is awesome)
The discount is applicable for flights booked until August 19, 2019, and travel through September 30, 2019. These prices need a Saturday-night stay.

All flights must originate in London, thus this is best for Europeans.

British airways first class sale

Business-class fare sales

Roundtrip business class for two costs £2,019 ($2,440) between the following city pairs:

London-Abu Dhabi
London-New Orleans
New York-London

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I think the aforementioned fares are the finest. See the selling page for city pairings.

British Airways makes it simple to upgrade from business class to first class if you book a business class ticket sale.

British Airways’ new Club Suites premiere between London and Dubai in early September, so now is a great time to book a ticket in that category.

British airways first class sale

First-class fare sales

Excellent first-class tickets are available. First-class roundtrip flights between the following cities cost £3,019 ($3,645)

New York-London

British Airways miles
These flights should credit as “I class” in business class and “A class” in first class (you may earn more miles with status):

Alaska Mileage Plan: 15% elite miles, 25% redeemable miles for business, 25% elite miles, 450% redeemable miles for first.
American AAdvantage: 200 percent elite miles and 125 percent redeemable miles in business, 150 percent in first
Executive Club: 150% redeemable miles in business, 250% in first
For example, the Houston offer would earn you 9,670 miles roundtrip in first class. If you credit to Alaska Mileage Plan, you’ll earn 43,515 miles, and 55,603 with status. At two cents per mile, that’s half your ticket cost in miles.

British airways first class sale

How to Find the Cheapest BA First Tickets

Surprisingly few individuals make advantage of the several strategies that are available for locating the least expensive first-class seats on British Airways flights.

Although the British Airways website is the best location to begin your search, there is another approach that I’ll describe in a moment that will also assist you in finding the absolute lowest British Airways First tickets that are currently available.

When do the British Airways First Class sales begin?

Even though the exact dates might vary from year to year, British Airways First Class ticket sales most often take place around the end of December, in the middle of April, and in September. During these deals, British Airways (BA) First Class tickets are discounted by an average of 52 percent, which means that a First return ticket that normally costs $10,000 can now be bought for $4,800. Using your Avios points might get you an additional discount.

You won’t just find BA First sales on the British Airways website or app because the sale price can be found on flight comparison sites like Google Flights (we have a full review of Google Flights and tricks to find the cheapest flights here), so you won’t just find BA First sales on British Airways.

Even while British Airways sales are listed on websites that compare airlines, only the British Airways website draws attention to such bargains when they occur via promotion banners on the website itself or through email newsletters.

Because British Airways places a high value on their First Class service, even during discount times, there are only a select number of First Class tickets available on any aircraft that is participating in the promotion.

British airways first class sale

It actually does work on the principle of first come, first served!

You will have first-hand experience of the difficulty of this situation if you have ever attempted to utilise your Avios to book a flight in First class.
Finding more than one prize seat in First Class that is available on a given trip is about as likely as finding a four-leaf clover. If First Class seats are offered as a reward, passengers may be eligible to receive them.

Because of this, British Airways (BA) guards First very well, and as a result, the number of incentive seats and discounted prices that are available is quite restricted.

The ability to adapt is essential.

If you are able to be flexible with your travel dates and are ready the instant sale rates are made available on the British Airways website, you will have a far greater opportunity to get a First Class ticket at a discounted rate.


Normally, the greatest premium fares are found in secondary markets, so this London sale is very surprising. This is a terrific chance for anyone seeking for a last-minute escape.

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