How to Select Android Apps for Bank Exam Preparation in 2022 in India?

Students prepare for the exam in various ways. Some people utilize books, as well as using digital training solutions, but many also practice utilizing free web tools. Banking exams are the country’s most popular competitive tests. The aggregate audience for IBPS Clerk, PO, RRB, and other similar tests is in the millions. With such a large number of people taking the tests, you have to be exceptionally smart to pass these examinations. Among all of these tools, one form of learning that has grown in popularity is preparing via mobile applications. Apps are an excellent method to prepare since they are simple to use, accessible from anywhere, and many of them provide free information. Many of these tests have a total viewership of millions. With such a large number of people taking the exam, you must be particularly intelligent in order to pass.

Practice, practice, and more practice

There are practice apps with ibps clerk prelims mock test on the Google market that provide answers on all subjects for several exams. Candidates may have access to over 400K+ complementary problems for their professional test prep by installing this app. These topics are also accompanied by extensive descriptions and resolution of doubts. The app’s topics are prepared by books and professionals, and it also includes previous year’s topics. After each exam, you will be informed of your scores at all Indian standards, which will assist you in determining your degree of efficiency. Aspirants may get access to premium examinations by completing ever more free tests, and that is another benefit of this software. The program includes exams for all types of banking examinations, as well as Cat and SSC exams. The truth is that perhaps the rating of the application indicates the quality of these apps.

Pocket-friendly accessibility

These applications imply that you have exposure to common problems, aptitude tests, and logical and analytical questions, which are among the queries that knock many job applicants off while taking such examinations. So, if you’re having trouble passing financial examinations, especially ones that include ability tests, understanding of concepts, and other relevant questions, download these aptitude applications right away. You will get accessibility to over 2600 commonly asked questions with varying levels of difficulty. And this gives you the opportunity to prepare thoroughly so that you may ace the exam the first time.


There are several banking test preparation applications with ibps clerk prelims mock test available for both Android and iOS. However, the majority of them fail to deliver on their promises. You may discover a lot of questions yet not make as much progress as you would want. However, if you use the greatest banking app, things will proceed quickly. Be astute enough to select the top applications for banking exams. Get one of the best applications for IBPS test prep that allows you access to every question you choose. Make certain that these apps incorporate maths, numeric thinking, aptitude exams, questionnaires, current events, computer skills, and other features. As a result, you may utilize it to study for banks and other government positions. 

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