Why is holistic approach to education important?

Many of us still believe that academics is everything and achieving a high score in school can pave way for professional success. This used to be true to some extent but not any longer. Parents and educators have started to realize that there is more to life than scores and they are looking forward to their children being rounded individuals. Parents are no longer pressuring students for the highest marks in a subject but they are working together to make them better individuals.

After all, life doesn’t come with a manual and this is when the right skills and emotions can help. No matter where you come from or where you are headed, certain life skills are necessary and this is what schools are also focusing on. Some of the top schools in Gurgaon have adopted the holistic approach to education, which is new but something that is here to stay. It is a method of learning and a philosophy that can be applied to individuals of all ages.

A unique approach to education, the holistic approach is a philosophy that focuses on educating an individual beyond the core academics. This helps gain steam in the learning circles when the school struggles to enhance the student outcomes. Many schools are realizing that students need more than just a solid foundation in the core subjects. They also need to be supported by a community to become compassionate and understanding of their surroundings.

Understanding holistic education

The holistic approach towards education is a new perspective to the old education methods. It is a method of education much needed today. Children will learn in context with the real world and they will be able to deal with the world in a better manner. They will analyze the community and bring lessons to life.

The holistic approach goes beyond academics and children will learn about their whole life. It will not make education just about themselves but about the entire community we live in. They will also be assigned special projects that impart the right skills and lessons. Some of the best schools in India have adopted the holistic approach and they have seen a significant difference in the academic performance of the child and their overall development.

Holistic education seeks to address the social, emotional, academic, and ethical needs of students in an integrated learning format. They place emphasis on the positive environment in the school and provide whole-child support. The students will be taught to understand and reflect on their actions and their impact on the local and global community in addition to ways they can learn from the community around them.

Importance of holistic education

Based on a learning philosophy that brings several benefits to everyone involved in it, holistic education empowers educators and students to improve their life skills. It helps improve the educational outcome that allows the students to build a successful professional career. Let us take a look at its importance in detail.

Better academic achievement

Through holistic education, one can enhance the academic achievements of children, irrespective of their background or circumstances. It allows educators to cater to the individual learning styles and provide a supportive growth environment. The capacities of a child’s brain will increase once they feel physically as well as emotionally safe and well-connected to others.

High creativity and problem-solving skills

Students will take up the real-world problems in their projects and this will stretch their creativity. Through the projects, they will learn to understand, analyze and report data while collaborating with others.

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Better mental and emotional well-being

When there is a supportive learning environment, there will be an enhanced focus on the emotional and social learning of children in addition to academics. This will give the children a solid chance of emerging as confident, self-aware and socially responsible adults.

Better problem-solving abilities

The students at Gurgaon top schools learn to solve real-world problems that are present in our communities which helps them emerge as strong critical thinkers.  Such projects can give them skills that can be applied in their lives once they are adults.

Low impact of inequalities

With a holistic approach to learning, there is a low impact on issues like abuse, inequality, and violence. It helps reduce the psychological impact of these issues that are prevalent in our society but need to be eradicated.

Thus, holistic learning strategies can help students as well as the teachers to build a strong sense of self and promote success and happiness. Children grow up to be well-rounded, whole individuals who understand and respect others and learn to tackle life’s problems. There are many who believe that holistic education only makes sense because children cannot learn in a vacuum. They bring all kinds of issues and emotions in the class and such issues can only be addressed by integrating them into lesson plans. Top CBSE schools in Gurgaon have started following the holistic approach and believe that it is the right way to prepare children for the future.

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