Ways to earn money in Escape From Tarkov

Tarkov is a realistic battle royale simulator with a confrontation between private military companies and individual groups of mercenaries – wild ones.

The player will have to get used to the game world – explore maps and territories and learn how to earn the main currency – in-game rubles.

Rubles are needed to improve equipment, buy weapons and parts for it, as well as purchase special ammunition and grenades, armor-piercing cartridges and protective equipment for better survival in the EFT world.

For an easy start for beginners, in addition to farming, players can buy tarkov roubles – what needs to do:

  1. Go to the appropriate section and pay for the service – by indicating the desired amount in game rubles or by leaving a request.
  1. Wait from 15 seconds to several minutes for the manager’s response to clarify the details of the transaction and discuss the place, time and method of delivering rubles to your character.
  1. Receive the goods within the specified time.

In order to avoid gaming sanctions, all transactions with gaming rubles are disguised as a regular exchange between players so that the transaction looks as plausible as possible for the administration. This allows you to avoid even the possibility of game sanctions and the player must complain to the administrator himself in order to receive sanctions – which he naturally will not do.

Escape From Tarkov

Farm game rubles

To start earning game currency, the player must understand that there are two main ways to get money – use your main character, or wild.

The character is our PMC operative, which can be upgraded and easily lost upon death if you do not pay insurance. Plus, pump the operative in the development of movement skills, shooting, carrying capacity, which are pumped exclusively when performing tasks.

Wild is a neutral unit that has a random outfit and can be hired to control it yourself and used to collect resources, weapons, armor and parts. The advantage of using wild is that when he dies, he loses everything he managed to collect, without harm to the main operative, and if you understand the game map and farm, for example, at the factory, you can have time to run to the point, collect all the drop and take it to the distribution box , which will then be withdrawn by the main character for subsequent implementation.


What to collect

Absolutely everything is worth collecting – in the world of Tarkov there are various merchants who will buy literally everything from you, depending on the specialization of the merchants. A flea market is also available to players, where prices and current resources are determined by the players themselves and trade among themselves, but remember that the flea market takes a commission, and it is not always profitable to sell weapons and ammunition there.

Know more about merchants:

Prapor – bring him weapons and ammunition, modifiers and equipment related to the Soviet Union and Russian weapons.

Peacemaker is a similar trader for NATO arms and ammunition and modifiers.

Mechanic – pistols and modifiers from NATO weapons.

Japer – also manages weapons and ammunition from the post-Soviet bloc, as well as various consumables to strengthen shelters.

Junkman – buys clothes and backpacks, tactical equipment. In fact, he is in charge of the uniform and everything connected with it.

Skier – containers to which you will find keys during raids, ammunition and weapon modifiers.

Therapist – medicines and various decorative elements, containers and products.

You can buy the specified types of equipment and consumables from all merchants and bring them your own. For cooperation, you will increase the level of loyalty, which will reduce the commission and prices when interacting with a certain merchant.

As you can see – in Escape From Tarkov there are no equipment, weapons and consumables, or decorations that would not have value. Everything can be sold at a different price. Therefore, it is worth picking up everything that can be carried away in raids, especially at the beginning of the game, when every ruble counts.

Let’s go on a raid

Beginners are advised to start the first raids on the wild in order to get acquainted with the game mechanics and not be too upset if they fail and die.

The task of the raid is not to kill as many opponents as possible, although this will be a plus, but to find and collect as many useful resources as possible. Your task is to avoid skirmishes and ignore the enemy at all times except in situations where a skirmish is inevitable. Having studied the game maps and understood the best places to collect loot – for example, a factory. You can go immediately to the point and after 10 minutes already move to the final point to dump the production into a container for subsequent sale.

Gradually move on to the development of your PMC character, because when using the main agent, you pump over the skills of movement, shooting and carrying capacity, which will help in further skirmishes and collecting loot.

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