Leverage Your Wealth To Acquire Citizenship In A Country

If you aim to have a second citizenship in another nation along with a passport, you need to invest in the economy of this second country. For this to happen, several nations have citizenship by investment programs. The various investment avenues are development funds, business establishment, Government bonds, and real estate. Pearl Lemon Visa assists high-worth individuals and their extended family members in making investments in a country that is not their country by birth and thereby obtaining citizenship of that country.

The Conditions for Citizenship by Investment

Different nations have varying conditions related to citizenship by investment. Some of these conditions are the following:

  • You must have a specific amount of wealth.
  • Invest money in some approved institutions or enterprises and retain this investment as long as your immigration program specifies it.
  • Maintain optimum health.
  • You must not be involved in any crime.
  • Pass the language tests and cultural tests of that country.
  • Pay all the processing, governmental, and legal fees.
  • You must be able to furnish documentation as evidence that the initial conditions are satisfied.

After five years, some nations check whether the investment residents are of robust health without any criminal record. In addition, they should not have become a burden on the country and should have retained their investments. Some Governments, such as the Island of Cyprus, do not apply any restriction regarding the period of residency. After you invest the necessary amount in the country, you can become a naturalized citizen in a few months.

An Investment in Business Enterprise

This method is for those who want to own a business in a second country. This option is ideal for you if you want to augment an entrepreneurial empire in the country. Based on your selected program, you can trade with ease within specific geographic and economic regions. As an investor, you must be able to generate new employment positions and retain the existing positions. If your goal is to share the ownership of a business, the investors can make joint applications. 

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Government Bonds

You can purchase government bonds if you intend to procure citizenship without risking your money or getting involved in a business enterprise. The Government of the second country assures these bonds. At the end of the bond’s tenure, you return your investment without adding any interest money. Typically, you have to hold the bonds for five years.  

Real Estate Investment

You can seek investment in residential or commercial properties in the second country. This investment type is categorized into three options. The first is to have a lease for a certain duration. The second is fractional ownership in a massive project; the last type is to have complete property ownership. In the case of all these three, you must hold the amount invested at the beginning for a minimum duration, such as three or five years. After completing this span, you can sell at the existing market value.

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