(14 Reasons) why are iPhones so expensive

Why are iPhones so expensive?

Why are iPhones so expensive – The fundamental reason for this is that Apple phones are made of incredibly high-quality materials, ensuring a far longer lifetime use capacity than Android iPhones.
Apple will have to demand a high premium to be able to buy these high-quality materials.
iPhones are frequently priced at over $1,000, especially for the latest models.

In fact, there are a number of reasons why iPhone cellphones are overpriced, the most notable of which being their design and features.
An OLED display, a quick processor, and tiny bezels are just a few of the iPhone’s amazing characteristics.
It has a fantastic design.
Because Apple employs its own processor, the iPhone’s hardware is speedy and up to date.
Apple’s operating system, known as IOS, is also included in the operating system.
Furthermore, gold and silver are employed extensively throughout the iPhone.
Furthermore, the iPhone model will be accompanied with duty and taxes, increasing the price.

Why iPhones are so costly?
  1. An easy-to-use interface
  2. High-Performance Hardware
  3. Amazing Cameras
  4. Storage on the Cloud
  5. The ability to multitask
  6. Compatibility with Apple’s Other Products
  7. Safety and Security 8. New Technology
  8. Positive feedback and excellent customer service
  9. Creating a Brand for Apple’s Ecosystem
  10. Innovation of High Quality and Longevity
  11. Operating Systems, Applications, and Updates are all available for free.
  12. Costs of Marketing and Support
  13. Value Resale
  14. Customer Loyalty

Why Apple iPhones Are So Expensive In India

Because Apple designs and engineers not only the hardware of each phone, but also the software, iPhones are more expensive than many Android phones.
The entire user experience is designed and controlled by Apple.
Previously, companies like as Samsung developed the phones and ran them on Google’s Android operating system.
Carefully integrating software and hardware requires additional resources, which inevitably raises the

Apple also continues to pitch the iPhone as a higher-end product, which allows the corporation to reap considerably better profit margins on each phone than its competitors while preventing it from becoming a key player in some major developing economies such as India.
So far, the gamble has paid off: the iPhone is the most profitable device in history.

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However, I’d want to add one more point.
When you consider everything that goes into the iPhone, including the dozens of metals that must be sourced from all corners of the globe, manufactured at scale by hand, and sometimes at a rather high human cost, as well as the scores of highly complex component parts like gyroscopes, accelerometers, multitouch sensors, Gorilla Glass, and incredibly compact and powerful A-series processors, the iPhone is, in another sense, rather inexpensive.
For a fraction of the price, it can do more than many 5-year-old laptops.

When you walk into an Apple Store, it may not appear that way, but everything is relative.
Take a moment to examine what the technologies we take for granted, the ones we carry about with us every day, are capable of, and the true cost of getting them into our pockets.
After finishing this book, I realised that paying $649 for a phone made possible by Cupertino innovators, Bolivian miners, global app developers, and Chinese manufacturers (to mention a few) sounded a lot more reasonable.

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Why are iPhones more expensive than Android phones?

Because of the greater quality of the product, the iPhone is more expensive than the Android.
An Apple phone’s quality starts with its design and extends to its performance and features, such as camera quality, battery life, and so on.

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