How Long Does It Take To Grow A Marijuana Plant

Marijuana is the most widely used drug globally, as well as in our country. It is a green, brownish, or grey mixture of finely chopped dried flowers, leaves, stalks, and seeds of Cannabis sativa, Indica hemp. It has the appearance of finer or coarser chopped tobacco and a characteristic odor of dried hay, and when burned, it emits a strong, like sweet aroma of roasting dry leaves. They are obtained by processing the leaves and flowers of hemp plants (cutting, drying, and grinding).

Cannabis is an evergreen plant (male and female) that grows into a one to the two-meter-high bush. The active substance is present in 4 -12% of the plant portions that have been processed for usage. THC is the major component in marijuana (along with 400 other chemicals) (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is absorbed into fatty tissue in numerous organs via protein receptors found on the membranes of specific nerve cells. When THC settles, it causes a cascade of physiological processes that change the state of consciousness. Marijuana’s effects are determined by the strength and intensity of the THC it contains. People in suits, with dubious information and objectives, have prohibited its production, possession, and consumption worldwide, classifying it as a narcotic and hallucinogenic chemical.

On the other hand, this plant is believed to be consumed by around 190 million individuals globally. And, even though smoking has been around for thousands of years, no overdose deaths have been recorded. In reality, an overdose would necessitate smoking up to 680 kilos of marijuana in half an hour, which is a little too much for even the most passionate fans. Even if you managed to smoke so much, you would die from carbon monoxide poisoning from the smoke rather than THC (the psychoactive chemical responsible for all of these beautiful side effects following use).

Many people cultivate this plant at home, which is not difficult if you consider a few key factors: soil, temperature, light, and season time. Only select strains of cannabis containing up to 0.2 percent THC are permitted to be produced in practically all nations. However, it is critical to buy cannabis seeds

You can expect to harvest this plant in 4 months from the day you plant your seeds. Because of the increased capacity to manage nutrients, water, and other conditions required for the plant to mature, the life cycle of marijuana is shorter in indoor production than in outdoor cultivation. The Auto-Flowering form of cannabis grows faster than other Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa; however, this is reflected in the yield.

Frequent seeding mistakes

Beginner breeders make the first and most common mistake of experimenting with breeding and working on “their hand.” Make sure you are well informed before breeding on everything you will require from him because someone somewhere in the world has previously had this difficulty and has found a solution for it online. It is critical that you “google” potential solutions before making final decisions. The next mistake that novices make regarding marijuana cultivation is that they either lack the desire to learn or believe that learning isn’t crucial for cultivation. It is vital to research each cultivation item, such as light cycles, soil type, and the required Ph for proper marijuana cultivation, to ensure appropriate marijuana production. Even though it is possible to develop your plant to the finish without specific expertise, it is much more probable that your cultivation will fail if you commence the cultivation with only what you know.

How is it done?

Cannabis cultivation can take place both internally and externally. Beginners may find it highly beneficial to grow marijuana indoors, under artificial lighting, in a mimicked environment (a “grow box”) instead of outdoors. When growing plants inside, you have complete control over everything the plant need and consumes. There are a variety of other things that you can directly affect, ranging from nutrients to water to light to the ground. Choosing the place for indoor cultivation is critical since the temperature of the plant environment must be taken into consideration. When marijuana is young, temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius are ideal, and when marijuana is in its later phases of development, temps around 25 degrees Celsius are ideal.

Outdoor breeding is the most affordable method of breeding. To grow marijuana outdoors, you’ll need a lot of room, plenty of sunlight, some seeds, and a lot of determination. You will not be required to purchase specialized lighting, PH, or other equipment. Outdoor marijuana growing, on the other hand, brings with it new issues such as privacy (an excellent secluded area), probable pollination, theft of plants, parasites, animals, and other pests that can be found in the wild. Nature is your best ally when it comes to outdoor farming, but it can also be your worst adversary. If you don’t take care of your plants, you won’t be able to grow virtually anything these days. When there is a drought, the plant must be watered frequently; when there is excessive rain, the plant needs to be protected from the water. It is an excellent rule to follow when growing: if the weather is too hot for you and the plant is too cold, it is probably too hard for the plant. If you live in an area with significant temperature differences, we recommend that you place the plant outside in a small greenhouse during the day.

How to use it?

It is typically smoked wrapped in cigarettes (joints) or a pipe (hookah). It has a more pungent odor than tobacco in a cigarette or a pipe. Marijuana smoke, unlike tobacco smoke, is not filtered and hence remains in the lungs for a more extended period when smoked. Other narcotics, such as crack cocaine and crushed pills, have been added to marijuana cigarettes in recent years, a process known as chemistry. Marijuana is sometimes consumed with food or as tea.


According to i49, Marijuana is the least potent hallucinogen. The effect is noticeable after a few clouds of smoke are breathed, reaching a peak within 15-30 minutes. One cigarette has a two to three-hour mark. Marijuana has an effect after half an hour and lasts three to six hours if drunk or eaten.

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