Tips For Growing Your Hair Faster

At some point in life, our stress and lifestyle become essential factors that decide the health of our hair. Sometimes it can be extreme hair fall, or sometimes the hair length seems to be the same for months. This is why most people look for tips that can grow hair faster.

Here are some fast hair growth tips for you to try on your hair.

Brush your hair before bed

Many people hardly brush their hair before bed, whether they are tired or not. But it is recommended that brushing your hair or even massaging your scalp before bed can contribute to its health. It helps your scalp distribute the oil evenly onto your hair and contributes to natural moisturisation.

Brushing your hair or giving it a few strokes increase circulation.

Get your hair trimmed frequently

This is a tip that might make most laugh because trimming your hair makes it short – not long. But many have experienced this tip to work pretty well for them. Indeed, trimming your hair doesn’t directly cause it to grow, but it does get you rid of split ends or hair breakage. Having split ends is not just bad for the shine and volume of your hair, but also for the health and growth of your hair.

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Don’t shampoo your hair daily

After not shampooing your hair for a long time, say for five days or a week for some, our hair becomes oily without manually applying oil. This oil is your hair’s natural oil, which you wash off every time you shampoo your hair.

While excessive natural oil in your hair might attract dust and dirt, a little oil is vital for the health and growth of your hair. By shampooing your hair daily, you deprive your hair of its natural oils.

Hydrating and condition must be a priority

Sometimes the water you drink is not enough for your hair, and it is common for your hair to require extra hydrating. You can use deep conditioners bought from the store, or you can use a homemade hair mask.

Applying a hair mask twice, or even once if not convenient a week, might finally help your hair with all the required moisture, and finally, you can see average hair growth.

Avoid heat styling

Heat is very effective when it comes to giving our hair the shape we want, all day. But heat also damages our hair if done frequently or done with high temperatures. It is always better to use a convenient styling electronic where you can control the temperature, or better, avoid heat styling unless it’s too necessary.


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