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Google link spam update | Latest SEO July update 2021

google link spam update 2021 july

Google  said  it start rolling out a google link spam update for Google Search named the link spam update. Google stated that this update is “even more effective at identifying link spam across multiple languages” It will be available over two weeks starting yesterday, July 26th.

Google creates a long blog post titled “a reminder about qualifying links and our update on link spam.” This blog post is mostly about reminding people what links are against Google’s webmaster guidelines. This blog post focuses more on links that are “commercial in nature”. It covers best practices, affiliates, and rel=sponsored. It also discusses sponsored and guest posts.

Google then announces at the end of the blog post that it has a new link spam update using this paragraph

We’re continuing our efforts to improve search results quality and are launching the “link spam upgrade” today. This algorithm update will be available over the next two weeks and is more effective in identifying and nullifying spam links across multiple languages. Search will change for sites that are involved in link spam as our algorithms reassess those links.

Here are some points:

This Google link spam update might explain why you notice a decline in rankings over the next few weeks. Was this related to what we saw over the weekend? Although I’m not certain, I wrote it because I thought that the black hat link builders types of communities were noticing this more than others. Google stated that it began rolling out Monday, and the article I wrote was discovered on Friday and Saturday.

However, I will keep an eye on SEO chatter and let my readers know what I see with this update. The tracking tools and chatter aren’t showing much right now. Well, at least not yet… Keep checking.

This update is also global and affects all languages

Important Features of the Link Spam Update

These are important points to remember about link spam updates

  1. It will take approximately 2 weeks for this update to be fully implemented.
  2. This update will be effective worldwide.
  3. All languages will be affected by this update.
  4. This update will affect both outgoing and incoming links.

The official announcement states that Google will be launching a new search engine. These links have no impact . Google link spam update will be available in the next two weeks and is more effective in identifying and nullifying spam links across multiple languages. ” But, it also mentions algorithmic as well as manual penalties in two sections above the announcement. “As part of our ongoing efforts to improve ranking in product-related searches, we may issue manual steps to stop affiliate links from affecting Search. Our systems might also take algorithmic measures.”Sites that publish or acquire links in excess with guest posting and sponsored links without proper tag tags may be subject to manual and algorithmic actions, similar to affiliate linking.”

The Impact of Link Spam Update

Google may take the following steps if a website does not follow these guidelines.

  • These listings are null.
  • Inflict is an algorithmic penalty
  • Issue manual penalty
  • Link Spam Update is its name, and not date like Link Spam Update July 20,21.
  • Start Monday, July 26th
  • It will take approximately two weeks for the rollout to be completed
  • Multilingual and global update
  • Spammy links can be nullified but not penalized (just don’t count them and not penalize the site).
  • It will feel like you are being punished for not following links.
  • Nofollow is acceptable, but you don’t need rel sponsored
  • Google won’t tell you how much this will affect the search results.

Steps to Recover

Google Link Spam Update 2021: Sponsored link relationship attribute should be used on affiliate links and guest/sponsored posts to recover from it. Rel=sponsored must be used on all links, regardless of whether they were created dynamically or automatically.

According to Google, website owners should ensure that they have the best incoming and outgoing links. They must also qualify any links that they link to their site.

Google also suggests that site owners do not try to manipulate users via links. It’s better to produce quality content and satisfy searchers’ needs.

This will improve the user experience and increase engagement. They can use tagging links to increase awareness of the site. Add tags to links when there is a value exchange between two domains.

These are more Google recommendations for how to use each type link:

  • These links are from sponsored posts adve rtisements must be marked up with the following: rel=” sponsored”) Value

  • Affiliate links : Affiliate programs require that the links be approved by your site rel=” sponsored”) It doesn’t matter if it is manually or dynamically created. To monetize a page, you can use affiliate links. OK Google requires that affiliate links be qualified by sites.


  • These links are from guest posts ensure that you mark any guest post links with the rel=”nofollow” Value

Google may also take strict action if it finds a highly engaged site in guest posting, sponsors, or publishing links without proper tag tags.

Follow the guidelines above to make sure Google doesn’t penalize you or take harsh actions against your site.

Wrapping up!

Outbound links are one of many options to monetize blogs or websites. However, not only should you use it correctly but also some site owners who misuse this technique or don’t follow the guidelines.

Google is taking steps to address such issues to ensure site owners don’t do this and maintain page quality. The Link Spam Algorithm update was launched on 26 July 2021. This update was launched to decrease the impact of spammy hyperlinks on search results.

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