What Are The Features of Kenwood

The Kenwood is a product of the company, Kenwood. Its objective is to provide a convenient and informative service for its customers. This computer is not just any other standard PC on the market; it’s built out with popular technologies like wireless WiFi. It also provides excellent sound quality and a beautiful visual appearance with an easy set-up process that doesn’t stress you out too much. It has the following features;


1. A powerful processor that performs fast and efficiently

This unit comes with a 1.5GHz processor and it’s detachable from the main body. This allows you to upgrade when necessary without going through the hassle of reassembling the unit. It also has 3G connectivity and can be upgraded to connect to the latest broadband technologies. This feature makes it totally wireless.

2. A high-resolution screen

The screen on this unit is of a good size at 17 inches and the resolution is set at 1280 x 800 pixels which display excellent graphics. This makes it easy to use for the users. The images appear realistic and sharp all the time which is important for a monitor since this provides you with a clearer view of your work and documents.

3. A good speaker system

The sound system on this unit is very high quality and it produces clear and high-intensity sound. This is very important for audio work or watching movies since you want to hear what is being said clearly without having to deal with a clanking sound. With Kenwood, you can enjoy profound resonance while watching videos and hear every special nuance of the characters in your favorite program.

4. HDTV input and output capability

This unit has built-in 2 HDMI (High definition multimedia interface) ports which make it perfect for connecting with your HDTV so that you can enjoy a clear picture. You can also use the video input to connect your own AV devices or an external camera and enjoy a clear picture right on the monitor.

5. Portable design

The Kenwood is not just beautiful but also very compact and lightweight at just one pound. You can carry it around in your bag without scaring your friends and family with the size of this unit because they won’t even notice it exists. You wouldn’t want to be lugging around a big box PC when you are on the move; this is much more lightweight. This unit is a great friend for travelers and commuters who want to get their work done anywhere without too much hassle.


6. 6 hours of battery life

This unit has a built-in lithium-ion battery that stays charged for six hours and when it dies you can charge it right there attached and working in the same place. You don’t have to worry about finding a power socket all the time. This feature is great for travelers who want to take their work with them where ever they go or for those who are going to be away from home for long periods of time. This unit can serve as their office or workstation wherever they are and you won’t have to deal with lugging heavy cables around all the time.

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