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Direct Mail Statistics: 5 Pieces Of Info That Will Prove It’s Worth It

Direct mail marketing is a concept that a lot of business owners are using to their advantage nowadays. The fact that you are here tells me that you might be thinking about doing the same thing and finally joining some mailing campaigns that could score you new customers. Yet, the fact that you are here also tells me that you aren’t entirely sure if doing this is worth it. Find out more about what direct mail marketing actually is.

If you are like most people, then you have probably turned quite a lot to the digital world when marketing is in question, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Yet, that’s the very reason why you might have started doubting the success of direct mail advertising. In different words, given all the e-mails and other types of online interactions that you can make with your audience, you are probably under the impression that direct mail is, well, dead.

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If that’s what you are thinking, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Although I get where you are coming from, I have to tell you right away that this specific marketing technique is still very much alive and that you could certainly gain a lot from using it. Since you probably won’t just take my word for it and jump on board, as you shouldn’t because that’s not the way you run a successful business, here is what we are going to do.

In short, I am now going to share some statistical information about direct mail marketing. The info you will find here will help you understand just how alive this technique. Thus, you will get a better idea about how successful it can be in the process of targeting your audience, which will lead to you realizing that investing in this technique is still very much worth it. So, without any more ado, let’s begin checking out the statistics.

Here’s your guide to this technique if you’re ready to jump on board: 

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  1. Around 60% Of Mail That People Receive Is Advertising

One would think that businesses are no longer using this tactic that much, simply because there are easier ways to reach their target audiences. Those easier ways are also less costly, because sending e-mails certainly doesn’t cost you anything. Yet, the easier way is not always the best way, and this piece of information proves it.

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Essentially, around 60% of mail that people receive is actually advertising. Let that sink in. This piece of data brings us to a simple conclusion. Businesses are definitely still using this technique and the fact that they are ready to use something that they have to pay for instead of the free option (or along with the free option for that matter) shows that it is still a rather successful option.

  1. Around 50% Of Those People Look Forward To Checking Their Mail Every Day

I know what you’re thinking right now. “Sure, advertisers use this tactic, but people don’t really like getting direct mail”. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth and here’s some statistics for you to get you to understand why this way of thinking is wrong. Basically, as much as 50% of people say that they actually look forward to checking their mailboxes every day. So, if they find your brand there, you’ll have high chances of gaining new customers.

  1. 59% Of Respondents Claim They Enjoy Getting Mail About New Products

You are probably still not convinced, since you believe that people might like getting mail but that they don’t like getting bombarded with new products this way. That, however, is another wrong assumption. In simple words, direct mail marketing statistics show that 59% of respondents actually enjoy getting familiar with new products and brands this way. I suppose you get how important that can be for your business, since it means that people are willing to let you get them informed about the novelties in your company, and that usually leads to sales.

  1. Opening Rate Can Be As High As 90%

The opening rate is quite high when compared to, say, the e-mail opening rate. In fact, it can be as high as 90%. I know that this sounds like quite a lot, but the statistics don’t lie. So, an opening rate that is this high is certainly quite beneficial for businesses, as they get higher chances of gaining new customers this way.

  1. Around 60% Of Those Who Respond End Up Making A Purchase

Speaking of gaining new customers, let me give you another piece of info that you will love. Some people actually respond to the mail they receive. And, as much as 60% of those people who respond to it and up making an actual purchase afterwards. As you can see, this marketing technique is still going strong and you should definitely think about using it.

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