Dark Academia Movies To Watch Over Weekend

If academics, poetry, autumn, Gothic architecture, and Greek mythology are some of your favorite things, congratulations, you have a Dark Academia aesthetic. 

Although the style has gotten a lot of attention, it still lacks a precise definition. In our perspective, Dark academia is an aesthetic for those who enjoy dark subjects, such as the research of morbidity and death, which other people may be hesitant to investigate.

Many novels and films are thought to suit the Dark Academia genre, but, not all of them do. However, after conducting an extensive study and seeing a number of the films, we have concluded that they are among the most closely resembling Dark Academia films. And we are going to share them with you to enjoy them as these are some of the most wonderful works of cinematography.

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Now without further ado, let’s dive right into the list of best Dark Academia movies to watch over the weekend to make it unforgettable.

Dead Poets’ Society

It is hard to do justice to this movie with a few words but all we can say is that there won’t be another Dead Poets’ Society. The 1989 movie starring Robin Williams and other amazing actors is all about living life to its fullest, finding your own voice, and yes, Carpe diem.

You will become engrossed in the characters that actually relate to our basic sentiments and desire to live our lives as we like and to challenge the status quo. And you might even be inspired to do so after viewing some of the film’s heartbreaking scenes. Overall, this film is fantastic in every aspect.

Where Can I Watch Dead Poets’ Society?

You can watch the Dead Poets’ Society over Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus.

Kill Your Darlings

Be Careful. You’re not in wonderland. I have heard the strange madness long growing in your soul.

There is a dark side of humanity that not everyone is brave enough to fully explore, wear on their sleeves, and pour in the form of words by the ink in their pen as if it was the blood coming out of their body. But poets like Allen Ginsberg and Lucien Carr felt no shame in feeding us with this harsh reality. Kill Your Darlings is a film largely based on their lives.

The chemistry between Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan, as well as the entire narrative, earned the movie good reviews and is a must-watch for someone who loves the Dark Academia aesthetic.

Where Can I Watch Kill Your Darlings?

You can watch Kill Your Darlings over Netflix, Hulu, and Starz.

Mary Shelley

Loved Mary Shelley’s best work, Frankenstein? Why not watch the whole scenario that led to its creation?! This movie is exactly about that. 

Mary Shelley, the wife of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, and their poet friend Lord Byron, along with Mary’s half-sister, Claire Clairmont, get stranded in a house near Lake Geneva. To pass their time interestingly, Lord Byron proposes a game of writing a horror story, and that was the moment that gave birth to the masterpiece, Frankenstein. We don’t want to give any spoilers so watch the movie for yourself and immerse in the lives of the literary geniuses as they create a masterpiece still loved by millions.

Where Can I Watch Mary Shelley?

You can Watch Mary Shelley on Netflix.

Dorian Gray

Based on Oscar Wilde’s novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, the movie is all about exploring the human desire for immortality and self-love, and that when the desire for life exceeds everything else, a man can even give away his soul for it. Beauty is mortal while evil is immortal, this is what you will be exploring while watching this amazing cinematography that does justice to the amazing work of literature.

Where Can I Watch the Dorian Gray?

You can watch Dorian Gray on Hulu, Prime Video, and Roku.

Good Will Hunting

Last but certainly not least, Good Will Hunting is an outstanding piece of art in the world of cinema. Starring some of the best actors like Robin Williams and Matt Damon, the movie is all about giving your life meaning and that there are things more important than traditional education and career-i.e., love, faith, and trust.

Overall, we would call this movie several self-help books combined in the form of an amazing storyline that will leave every viewer affected no matter how invulnerable.

Where Can I Watch Good Will Hunting? 

You can watch Good Will Hunting on HBO Max, Prime Video, or Apple TV.

To Wrap it all up,

The aesthetic setting of a school with Gothic architecture, a close group of friends wearing vintage clothes, and academic competition are all that we can relate to and love watching. And when dark themes like murder, mystery, and existential dread are added to the mix, it makes for a great dark academia movie. We have included above some of the timeless pieces in the world of cinema that you need to watch especially if you are a lover of the Dark Academia Aesthetics. Happy streaming!

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