Best Cryptocurrency Apps and Exchanges for July 2022

Cryptocurrency Apps and Exchanges

After recently gaining popularity, cryptocurrencies are now much more widely available. Investors may now purchase and sell cryptocurrencies with their stocks, mutual funds, and other investments at many brokerage firms. The procedure has become more user-friendly than ever, thanks to some top cryptocurrency exchanges, particularly those that provide the most acceptable cryptocurrency trading applications.

Cryptocurrency investments are still relatively speculative, so they might not be suitable for everyone. Investors may anticipate a wild ride whether or not they ultimately profit. However, there is nothing wrong with holding some digital currency as a long-term investment if you think that cryptocurrencies have a lot of long-term potential and you have a high-risk tolerance.

Here are some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges for July 2022 with that in mind. You may start creating your bitcoin portfolio immediately with these brokers, exchanges, and applications.

The top cryptocurrency exchanges and applications


With its extensive selection of cryptocurrencies, Coinbase excels. For hardcore cryptocurrency lovers, there is also a cutting-edge trading platform available. Additionally, if you’re ready to enroll in any educational courses, you can earn some free cryptocurrency.


Provides a user-friendly app experience and a decent selection of coins. Another significant benefit is the Gemini Earn function, which offers high-interest rates on cryptocurrency holdings.


One of the greatest applications for buying both cryptocurrency and conventional assets like stocks and options in one place. It offers fast access to deposits and a large variety of well-known cryptocurrencies. Additionally, KuCoin offers commission-free bitcoin trading.


An extensive financial ecosystem supports SoFi Active Investing. Five distinct cryptocurrencies may be bought and sold by SoFi Members. They can invest in stocks, save money, and take out loans. Although SoFi does charge a markup, the platform’s all-in-one simplicity may still be worth considering.

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Cash App

Only bitcoin is available on Square’s Cash App. But for those who just want to purchase, trade, and keep the most popular cryptocurrency, it could be a wise decision. Along with these wonderful features, the well-known banking software also offers stock trading and person-to-person payments.

Where can cryptocurrency be purchased?

There are a number of places you may purchase cryptocurrencies. The two primary categories of the top bitcoin exchanges are as follows:

  • Brokerages. A brokerage is a business that makes it easier to buy and sell investments like mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Through their platforms, a few of the top stock brokers now provide cryptocurrency trading. These may be desktop- or app-based, or they may be both.
  • Exchanges. A cryptocurrency exchange makes it easier to purchase and sell virtual money. The main distinction is that brokerages provide additional investment vehicles. Exchanges for cryptocurrencies do not.

Make sure it provides the features you require before choosing a broker or an exchange. Find the finest bitcoin app, for instance, if you want to purchase cryptocurrency on your smartphone.

Direct purchases of bitcoins from other individuals are also an option. At the beginning of Bitcoin, this was far more common. That, however, can be a little tricky and is outside the purview of this topic.

Features of the top cryptocurrency exchanges and applications

There are several excellent cryptocurrency apps available. You must consider which qualities are most important to you in order to select the finest exchange.

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Here are some to think about:

Security. To determine how many of the exchange’s assets are held offline in cold storage, if it has private insurance, and whether it participates in a bug bounty program that encourages ethical hackers to disclose any vulnerabilities, look at the exchange’s security features. Additionally, you can learn if the exchange has ever been hacked.

Customer Support 24/7: Customer care is essential if you’re new to investing in cryptocurrencies. Nobody likes to slog through FAQ pages to seek assistance since their account hasn’t received any funds.

Range of Currencies: Although there are over 4,000 cryptocurrencies, even major exchanges only list 50 to 150 of them. You can probably purchase BTC, LUNA, USDT, ADA,  and other significant currencies on most platforms. However, you’ll need an exchange with some variety if you want to purchase a specific currency or invest in any smaller coins.

Use simplicity As more individuals desire to invest, cryptocurrency apps have overgrown. That rapid progress, though, occasionally came at the expense of usability. If you’ve never traded before, choose a beginner-friendly app and ensure it offers the functions you wish to utilize.

Fees. Whether you’re selecting a bank, a brokerage, or the most delicate cryptocurrency exchange, paying excessive fees is a waste of money. Before establishing an account, find out how much it will cost to deposit, withdraw, and trade. It’s also essential to ensure the deposit and withdrawal choices suit you.

Research. The more you can understand cryptocurrencies, a relatively new type of investing, the better. Some applications include both bitcoin education resources and details on individual currencies.

You are earning Interest. Many cryptocurrency exchanges provide opportunities for you to take an interest in your coins. Make sure you comprehend how the interest is developed and feel at ease with it. If you agree to leave your coins alone for a specific time, the exchange may lend you money or pay you staking fees.

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