Beginner’s Guide to Buying the Best Dog Bed

Buying the Best Dog Bed

Your pet needs a comfortable bed for basically the same reasons as you. You need to rest well, sleep well and let your body grow and that’s why uncomfortable beds tend to make you wake up tired and groggy. You have probably wondered why your dog seems to prefer your bed, or your couch as his spot for relaxation or sleep. Well, wonder no more, because this guide will take you through the basics of choosing a dog bed for your furry companion. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Dog Bed

Before buying your own bed or even furniture, there are so many factors you consider. The shape, size, comfort and even aesthetics are important factors to consider and for dogs the same factors count but a few extra ones also come in play. These are:

Hygiene and washability.

Best Dog Bed

Your pet needs somewhere clean and hygiene to live and rest in. If your pet could wash its own bed and beddings then trust that it would, but since it can’t, it totally relies on you to get a bed that is not only easy to wash, but also doesn’t harbor pathogens that would affect its health. As you are buying the dog-beds make sure it can fit inside most industrial washing machines, or it can be dismantled into easily washable parts.

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Your pet will grow big, and this will force you to keep buying new beds, assuming the first ones you buy cannot handle the changing weight of your dog. Durability is key, because even if you choose a large bed to start with, you’ll still need to avoid constant repairs and replacements. A durable bed will not need much attention, so long as you keep it clean and keep the parts well maintained.

Another way to increase durability is by training your dog to maintain the bed in a good condition. If your pet is a chewer, then it shouldn’t direct its chewing habits towards the structure of the bed or the beddings. A proper training will not only keep the dog bed properly clean and maintained, it will also keep the rest of your house free from damage from your pet. 

Get Comfortable Beddings

When it comes to dog beds, then beddings refers to the blankets, as well as the padding for the bed. Your dog bed will not come with a mattress like human beds, and instead the padding will be the only source of comfort for your pet. Some beds have very thin padding and this will make the dog feel like its sleeping outside or on bare floor. Your dog will wake up cranky and tired with such little padding, but if you add a few extra inches of padding, then the extra comfort will pay off when you see your dog more active and lively after a nap. 

These are not the only factors since overall; you’ll need to consider your budget and the number of dogs you own and whether they will share the same bed.

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