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Alien OG feminized seeds can show you the way and take you on an intergalactic trip from the comfort of your couch. 

Thanks to the high THC content, this spectacular hybrid boldly goes where no marijuana cultivar has gone before at warp factor 9.9. Not only will you experience fast-growing weed plants and distant nebulas— but you’ll also discover a euphoric world within your physical being

Do Alien OG feminized seeds live up to the high reputation of the OG cannabis family, and how did they find their way to Earth? You’ll find the answers here and learn about this extraterrestrial hybrid, including how to grow it and where to buy the marijuana seeds. 

Get ready to open your mind to the wonders of the universe beyond the exosphere with Alien OG feminized seeds!

Alien OG feminized seeds description

Alien OG feminized seeds are among the most potent members of the popular and beloved OG family. This indica-dominant cultivar contains levels of THC so high that they almost reach the stars. 

The marijuana plants from Alien OG feminized seeds showcase their strong indica genetics by their thick stems and sturdy frames. They’re medium-sized weed crops, and the branches can support the weight of their dense flowers and top colas.

Unlike Area 51, Alien OG feminized crops don’t remain secretive and let their presence known by emitting powerful, skunky aromas during the flowering stage. The buds ooze sticky resin for you to harness and enjoy creating cannabis-based oils and creams. 

These potent flowers are covered with dazzling crystal trichomes, highlighting the true potency of Alien OG feminized seeds. One toke is all you need to sit back, relax, and cruise on a starship of immense relaxation.

Alien OG feminized effects

The effects from Alien OG feminized seeds are a spectacular voyage every experienced cannabis enthusiast is sure to enjoy. The 28% THC levels suggest veteran users should take the helm for this interstellar journey. 

Alien OG feminized cannabis is suitable for use any time during the day if you consume it in moderation. The effects from this indica-dominant hybrid last 2–3 hours before gently fading away.

After the first toke, a supernova blast of euphoria hits your mind faster than a flying saucer. Happiness levels substantially rise to enable you to see the brightness and thriving life, even in the blackest holes. 

The weed from feminized Alien OG seeds is ideal for meditation and exploring your inner self as a soothing calmness orbits your being. Close your eyes, look within, and encounter colorful nebulas, chase the icy tails of speeding comets, and unlock the secrets of the universe. 

Your body and mind relax and unwind, shifting all of life’s worries and troubles aside. Your muscles loosen and shake free from burden and stress, allowing you to soar above and reach your full potential.   

Ensure you bring healthy snacks on your travels as Alien OG feminized seeds make you yearn for food. A final sedating wave compels you to turn on cruise control and take a much-needed time out to chill and appreciate everything around you.    

Treat minor nuisances like cottonmouth and irritated eyes by drinking cool, fresh water and using an eye spray on your peepers. Overconsumption can leave you scanning the area cautiously for Xenomorphs, so use it in moderation to keep your close encounter friendly and memorable.  

Alien OG feminized flavors

Cured buds from Alien OG feminized seeds emanate intense but beautiful tropical citrus, vintage kush, and forest-fresh scents. The overpowering hash fragrances can attract the attention of nearby nostrils and are hard to conceal without a ziplock bag or airtight jar.  

Igniting an Alien OG feminized weed joint releases thick clouds of smoke containing herbal and earthly aromas. Hints of sweet lemon and spice complement the prominent skunky tones swirling around the air.

The strong pine and citrus fragrances complement the flavor, making it hard to resist the temptation to reach for another toke. Delectable smacks of chemical and diesel emerge from the peppery undertones on the exhale.

How to germinate Alien OG feminized seeds

The good news is you won’t need a high-tech science lab to germinate an army of aliens here on Earth. Many methods and techniques are available using everyday tools and items to encourage your little cannabis seeds to pop open.

Feminized Alien OG seeds produce photoperiod marijuana plants that grow in harmony with the brightness and darkness of the changing seasons. Start germinating these cannabis seeds during the Spring Equinox if you want to grow them outdoors.

You’ll find four popular germination methods below to kick-start your growing journey with Alien OG feminized seeds.

The wet paper towel method

To germinate your Alien OG feminized seeds with the wet paper towel method, you’ll need the following items to begin:

  • A pair of tweezers
  • Your feminized Alien OG seeds
  • Filtered water in a spray bottle
  • Two plates of equal size
  • Two kitchen paper towels

Spray the two kitchen towels with the water bottle and gently squeeze them to wring out any excess drops. Flatten one of the paper towels on a plate, and use the tweezers to transfer your cannabis seeds onto it, one by one.

Place the second paper towel on top of your setup and cover them with the other plate. Store them in a dark area, checking them every 12 hours, ensuring the towels remain moist.

Once you see taproots sprouting—within 1–5 days—from the Alien OG feminized seeds, pick them up with the tweezers and place them in their new home.

Seed plugs

Seed cubes and plugs are great products to give you a helping hand, especially if you’re a beginner. Ensure you have the following items to begin this germination method:

  • Tweezers
  • Seed cubes or plugs
  • Your Alien OG feminized seeds
  • Purified water

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and carefully pop your marijuana seeds into the little precut holes in the starter seed plugs. Pour filtered or purified water into the hole and pinch the top of the container to seal it.

Taproots will start sprouting from your feminized Alien OG seeds within a few days. Use your tweezers to lift the cannabis seeds from the plugs and transfer them into their new medium.

The tumbler method

This germination process seems straightforward at first, and it’s ideal if you’re watching your money. The downside is your marijuana seeds can drown if you leave them in the water for too long. 

All you need for this cost-effective method is:

  • Your Alien OG feminized seeds
  • A see-through tumbler or glass
  • Purified water
  • A pair of tweezers

Fill the tumbler more than halfway full with lukewarm, purified water. Use the tweezers and transfer your marijuana seeds one by one into the glass.

Store them in a dark, warm area and check on them every few hours. If you see taproots trying to wriggle out of the shells, use the tweezers to move them into their new medium straight away.

Don’t leave your feminized Alien OG seeds in the water for more than 24 hours, even if they haven’t popped. Use a timer on your mobile phone to alert you when the time has elapsed so you can take them out at once.

Soil medium method

If you want to enhance the terpene’s fragrance profile, plant your cannabis seeds straight into the soil. You can give Mother Nature a helping hand and begin this germination process if you have the following:

  • Alien OG feminized seeds
  • Nutrient-rich earth or clay
  • Soil pots
  • A water spray bottle
  • Heat lamps or pads

Fill your pots with damp earth and use one of your knuckles to create a small crater in the soil, no deeper than an inch. Transfer your Alien OG feminized seeds into the hole and gently cover them up with the earth.

Store them on a window sill, spraying the pots from time to time to keep the soil moist. Use heat lamps to keep your cannabis seeds cozy and warm if the temperatures aren’t high enough.  

Alien OG feminized growing information

Alien OG feminized plants require plenty of nutrients during their life stages and can be finicky to grow in a beginner’s hands. This marijuana hybrid thrives best in the care of experienced cultivators and is ideal for growing indoors.

The crops from Alien OG feminized seeds are fairly resistant to most common diseases. They don’t like unpredictable weather conditions, and a sudden frost or heavy downpour can cause significant damage and hamper yields.

If you’re growing them outdoors, protect them from the rain with a tarp. It’s a good idea to use soil pots to move them indoors if the weather pattern suddenly shifts from one extreme to another.

Your Alien OG feminized crops have a speedy flowering time of nine weeks and will be ready for harvest in early October. In Mediterranean-type climates with consistent warm sunshine, yields of 18–21 oz. per plant awaits you if you put in the effort. 

Feminized Alien OG seeds grow well indoors with a decent setup in all mediums. Consistency is the key, so maintain your temperatures at 68–78℉ and monitor your humidity levels

Remember, these are photoperiod crops, so flip your light cycle to 12/12 to induce the flowering stage. Trim the larger leaves to divert more energy into the flowers, and you’ll gather 16–18 oz./m² in optimal conditions.  

Many online US seed banks offer cultivation tips to help maximize your bud output and get the most out of your weed seeds. You’ll also find additional growing information on this amazing hybrid when you visit the website of a reputable seed bank to buy Alien OG feminized seeds.

Alien OG feminized genetics

Alien OG feminized seeds are 60% indica and 40% sativa with a strong Kush heritage. These Cali Connection weed seeds appeared on the 420 stage, courtesy of a genius breeder named Obsol33, who created the Alien Kush clone.

Alien Kush and Tahoe OG Kush are the parent strains of this unique indica-dominant hybrid. Alien Kush passed down its fast flowering trait, while Tahoe OG Kush contributed the vintage fragrances and flavors and high yields.

This hybrid packs a heavy-hitting punch with THC levels between 22–28% and dominant terpenes of alpha-cedrene and alpha-terpineol. Alien OG feminized seeds are the best of both worlds and carry the OG title proudly.

Alien Kush
Alien OG feminized
Tahoe OG Kush

Where to buy Alien OG feminized seeds

You don’t have to search the skies for Alien OG feminized seeds. They’re available to buy in Green states across the US.

Due to popular demand, these top-shelf marijuana seeds sell fast and are hard to find in recreational and medicinal dispensaries. Fortunately, you can avoid time-consuming commutes and high dispensary prices if you purchase them online.

Online US seed banks like Homegrown Cannabis Co. offer high-quality genetics and great value Alien OG feminized seeds. Visit their website today to purchase these cannabis seeds and evolve your alien army right here on this planet.  

Make first contact with Alien OG feminized seeds

This is one friendly cannabis hybrid that comes in peace and wants you to live long and prosper. Making first contact with Alien OG feminized weed is an overwhelming experience, but you’ll soon learn its ways and welcome it to Earth.

It’s tricky to cultivate, and yields of big, sticky resin-drenched buds are your rewards for a job well done. The flowers’ aromas are powerful, but carbon filters neutralize the odors and are useful if you’re growing Alien OG feminized seeds inside.

The immense relaxation provides an out-of-body experience, making you feel like you’re resting on a fluffy cloud, happily gazing at the world below. This indica-dominant cultivar doesn’t keep its amazing lineage a secret, and Kush fans are sure to enjoy its citrusy and spicy flavors.  
Make first contact and buy Alien OG feminized seeds today to open your eyes to the wonders of the universe.

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