Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds
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Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds are in high demand, but why does everyone want a piece of this cookie? This divine dessert strain is as comforting as a batch of freshly baked goods. GSC makes for a gorgeous, colorful bag, but there’s more than meets the eye. 

Read on as we unpack the ins and outs of Girl Scout Cookies, including its effects, smoke flavors, and origins. You’ll also find expert growing tips and recommendations for purchasing feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds. 

Go ahead and pour yourself a glass of milk, light up, and let’s get baked! 

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Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds description

You won’t be able to keep your hands off the cookie jar with this scrumptious strain. Feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds bear the sweetest, juiciest buds you’ll ever smoke, tantalizing your tastebuds with their inviting flavor. 

The GSC cultivar has won several High Times Cannabis Cup awards, including the Best Hybrid at the 2013 Southern California Cannabis cup. 

Give in to the glorious euphoric buzz of this well-balanced hybrid, and you’re guaranteed to have a ‘sunshine and roses’ kinda day. 

The most outstanding Girl Scout Cookies feminized growing characteristic is it produces only female plants

Why is that useful? 

Female plants benefit growers who only want bud-bearing greenery and aren’t looking to experiment with male plants. It also saves growers time because they don’t have to weed out the males. 

The buds from Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds have a unique spear-like shape with stunning pastel lavender calyxes studded in a sappy resin coating. These moderate-sized plants reach up to 5 feet high and provide huge harvests

GSC is perfect for intermediate to advanced growers, but newbies can also try to grow this hardy hybrid. Feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds are in demand, as seen in Homegrown Cannabis Co’s seeds collection, where they’ve sold more than 900k GSC seeds. 

Girl Scout Cookies feminized effects

Experience the total body and mind effects from the renowned Girl Scout Cookies strain. Its ability to energize and calm users without sending them over the edge make this cultivar highly sought-after. 

The buds from feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds are packed with 16–21% THC, making this a potent toke. Thanks to the balanced effects, expect an enjoyable experience with uplifting cerebral waves and a relaxing body buzz

Euphoric and calming sensations make the buds from Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds best for a midday or evening smoke—or in the morning on your day off.  

One of the main reasons for GSC’s fame is its reputation in the medicinal cannabis community. Users report it has excellent pain-relieving properties thanks to its high THC levels. Some other potential medicinal uses of the nugs from the feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds include: 

  • Loss of appetite, nausea, or digestive issues 
  • Depression or stress 
  • Migraines
  • PMS 
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Insomnia or trouble sleeping  

What to expect from the first puff

Girl Scout Cookies is all about happiness, so the first thing that hits you is the uplifting effect that has you grinning like the Cheshire Cat. A dopamine rush runs through your veins, and all stress and sadness get washed away

The buds from Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds send electrifying cerebral waves through your brain, stimulating creativity. It’s known to increase pleasure, so it’s a good time to partake in fun activities or have a little extra fun in the bedroom *wink wink*. 

Sativa enters

As the cerebral effects build, you feel more talkative and active—why not catch up with your buddies or have a smoke sesh? The sativa effects manifest energetically and cheerfully, sending you on a rollercoaster of euphoria

Feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds produce buds known for stimulating hunger in users. As the electrifying cerebral buzz dies down, you go from human to vacuum, eating anything in sight.

Order a pizza and have a cheat day or snack on some healthy foods to stick to your diet. The good news is the munchies are strong with this one, but you can avoid it. Distract yourself with a book or a game, and soon enough, your mind will be off food. 

Indica comes knocking

What’s next on the GSC trip? The Indica effects typically kick in after the munchies. The hybrid buds from Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds knock you out faster than Muhammed Ali. 

Sink into the blissful indica waves washing over each muscle in your body and relieving any tension. The gentle buzz embraces you making you feel like a cookie dunked into warm milk. 

Couch lock sets in, but you won’t mind; you’ll be too invested in the heavenly relaxation capturing your body. The soothing effects lull you into a slumber so deep no man, woman, or dragon can disturb you. 

As a high THC strain, the buds from feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds can cause negative reactions. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are common—treat them easily by staying hydrated. If you overdo it, you’ll most likely experience the best sleep of your life—not such a bad side effect. 

Girl Scout Cookies feminized flavors

You know what they say; when life gives you lemons, toss them and eat cookies instead. The buds from Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds are nothing short of delicious—sweet, earthy flavors coat your tongue, and hints of caramel trickle through

Let’s be real; nothing gives warm, fuzzy feelings like a good cookie, a glass of milk, and an open fire. Smoking GSC takes you to that place. The sweet flavors mingle with the earthy aromas, and once lit, it feels like eating cookies around the campfire

The buds from feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds are famed for their delectable taste. This cultivar is packed with an incredible mix of flavors thanks to dominant terpenes humulene, cedrene, and terpineol. It’s almost like someone put all the cookie flavors into one giant ball of dough and baked it. 

As you smoke, the complexity intensifies with notes of citrus, vanilla, and mint making appearances. The most prominent flavor is caramel which gives the sugary hints and comforting essence of freshly baked cookies. 

How to Germinate Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds

Germinating is an essential step for all cannabis seeds. You can perform this simple process for your feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds using multiple techniques, but here are our top two picks:

Direct planting technique

Planting directly in the soil saves you the risk of possibly damaging fragile sprouts when moving to the grow medium. This technique is ideal for beginners or anyone looking to save time and limit liabilities. It requires only a few basic items and top-quality cannabis seeds.  

Here’s how to germinate feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds using the direct planting technique. 

You’ll need: 

  • Soil 
  • Pots 
  • Light source
  • Spray bottle 
  • Water


  1. Moisten the soil with water so it’s hydrated but not soaked.
  2. Put the soil into the pots.
  3. Make a hole with your finger around an inch deep. 
  4. Put the Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds inside the holes and cover them with soil. 
  5. Ensure the top of the soil stays moist by routinely spraying with water. 
  6. Keep the pots under a light source like the sunlight or lamps until you spot tiny shoots—it should take between 3–10 days.

Paper towel method

The paper towel option is arguably the most popular method amongst growers. It’s easy and highly effective, requiring minimal tools and labor. Here’s how to germinate the feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds using the paper towel method: 

You’ll need 

  • A plate 
  • Two paper towels 
  • High-quality Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds 
  • Distilled water 


  1. Moisten the paper towels until they’re damp. Ensure there’s no excess water. 
  2. Place one of the damp paper towels onto a clean plate. 
  3. Put the cannabis seeds on the plate, leaving about an inch of space between them. 
  4. Cover the seeds with the remaining damp paper towel. 
  5. Store the plate in a warm, dark place.
  6. Taproots appear within 1–5 days, meaning they’re ready to be planted. 

Unlike the direct planting method, you’ll have to move the delicate taproots to the medium. A pro tip is to use tweezers or two earbuds to move them without breaking. 

Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds grow information

Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds sprout into tall, stretchy plants which tend to be on the bushy side. They are picky about temperatures and techniques, so GSC is best for growers with some experience. 

All grow mediums work well for GSC, but hydroponic growing tends to give juicier, more flavorful buds

This hardy cultivar tolerates temperature fluctuations but does best in stable conditions. When growing feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds, maintain a warm, dry climate with temperatures between 68ºF and 80ºF.

GSC is also resistant to mold, pests, and bacteria, but you should keep ventilation moving to prevent mildew problems. An essential Girl Scout Cookies feminized growing tip is to feed them adequately because they’re hungry plants. 

Indoor and outdoor growing

When growing outdoors, the GSC greenery grows freely, but due to its bushy nature, you’ll have to prune regularly to ensure equal sunlight exposure. Outdoor growers can also use light stress training (LST) techniques to train plants against apical dominance. 

You’ll get huge harvests of between 18–20 oz. per plant outdoors. 

Nurturing Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds indoors requires a little extra TLC. Use LST techniques like Sea of Green to make the best use of indoor space and give your plants equal distribution of lamps for all juicy buds. 

Prune lower fan leaves to accelerate growth, and you’ll receive around 16–18 oz./m2 of lush buds indoors. 

If you use LST techniques and stick to the climate requirements, you’ll get a medium-sized plant filled to the brim with nugs. These high bag appeal buds flower in 10 weeks, but the wait is worth it. The nugs from feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds come drenched in resin, bursting with hues of lilac and forest green with neon orange pistils.

Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds genetics

Coming from superstar parents, it’s no wonder GSC is such a sought-after strain. Durban Poison and OG Kush give feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds their hardy nature and potent effects. 

Durban Poison needs no introduction. This African landrace glistens with pure sativa power known for its uplifting effects. It’s easy to grow and produces super sticky resin glands packed with insane amounts of THC. 

The other parent of feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds is OG Kush. This indica dominant hybrid is a classic creating waves in the marijuana world since the 90s’. These large plants require experienced hands but reward growers with potent, calming buds. 

Where to Buy Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds

Are you itching to buy Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds? GSC is extremely popular, but finding these cannabis seeds with stable genetics is a mission and a half. 

You can buy them at most dispensaries but be prepared to pay a small fortune for these celebrity cannabis seeds. Online stores are more convenient and affordable, but you have to wait for shipping and research the company’s reliability. 

You could always purchase feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co, the only online company selling GSC with stable genetics. They’ve sold over 900k GSC seeds to happy customers. 

All good things must crumb to an end

Girl Scout Cookies is a one-of-a-kind strain soaring with THC and soothing users with its relaxing effects. It’s a balanced hybrid flowing through your mind and body, making you feel uplifted and energized yet calm and stress-free. 

Be a smart cookie and grow Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds to experience the blissful effects for yourself. What’re you waiting for? Go on and bake your day with a fresh batch of Girl Scout Cookies. 

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